IT Recycled Responsibly

BD TECH LLC Recycling operates a zero landfill policy; we take our responsibility to our customers and the environment very seriously. We guarantee a secure, ethical and responsible IT recycling service to all our customers. Full data destruction and WEEE disposal certificate is available within 72 hours of collection subject to the quantity of computers and IT equipment submitted for disposal.


Our objective is to refurbish and re-market working equipment. If this is not possible, we will harvest spare parts or recycle systems to recover raw materials, ensuring our service remains FREE! Processed assets are appropriately sorted and batched for final disposal and returned to the recycling channel via our authorised recycling partners.

IT Recycled Responsibly
We never export waste – under any circumstance. Nothing is ever sent to landfill and you can be assured that your data will be destroyed, keeping your information and reputation – secure.

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We accept the following equipment:


  • Keyboards, Printers, Mice
  • Laptops
  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Supplies
  • UPS
  • Mainframe Computers


  • Boards
  • Racks Servers
  • Network Gear
  • Line Gear
  • Modems
  • Cable Boxes & DVRs
  • Switches/Routers
  • Hubs
  • Wire, Cables, Connectors


  • Cell Phones
  • Pagers
  • AC Adapters
  • Radios
  • Batteries


  • Free Nationwide Collection
  • Free Processing
  • Free Data Destruction
  • Free Reporting
  • Free Certification